No totals in multi currency AR report

AR report is loosing totals when there are multi currency invoices:

Report looks fine when there are only single currency invoices:

version 18.5.39

Update your software. Version 18.5.40 does not have this problem:



Did that fix the problem?

Yes, that works, thanks

In version 18.5.42 it is back again:

Both your original and renewed complaint are manifestations of the same behavior. I didn’t notice the exact circumstances the first time. If there is only one customer with receivables in a currency, no total line appears. The customer’s figures are the total figures. As soon as you add a second customer in that currency, you will get a total line.

Oh that is how it works…thanks

Just wanted to add that I do not like that look. It is much better when reports have uniform look and keep headers & footers even there is single one entry on the list. Such representation causes confusion making think, that list is not complete and, to make sure, requiring to look at particular customer or invoice.
This causes unnecessary confusion.

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