No bank accounts for bank reconciliation

Apologies for the late response, and thanks for the info.
I now have another problem for which I can’t find a forum solution posted:
I have recorded sales and purchases, received payments and paid suppliers, but when I try to reconcile No bank account appears, the message is: No matches found.

You have not defined a bank account in the program. See the Guide: Set up a bank account | Manager. The question is how you believe you recorded your receipts and payments without one, because you cannot do that.

I suspect you may have transactions in your Suspense account, which is where mistakes are saved until you correct them. See this Guide: Clear transactions in Suspense account | Manager.

Many thanks again, mistakes on my part during original set up obviously leave a lot to be desired. However, I will now start from the beginning and progress with more diligence :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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