New Template - Blank PDF

Hi everyone,

We are trying to create a new template for myself, which so far displays and prints alright.
But PDF is generating only blank pages, same goes when sending via email.

Other templates work fine with PDF generation.

We are using Manager version 17.4.18 on Windows 10 (Build: 15063.413).

Here is the code for the template (currently unfinished):

We need your help. Many thanks in advanced.

First, you need to update your software. Current version is 17.6.60. Templates don’t work with the old version you have. They are only supported after version 17.6.0.

@Tut many thanks for the update. Now we are using 17.6.60 and the problem is not solved.

Any idea?

Just discovered that when you remove line 1-20 of the template you get an error message.
You can check the screenshot here:

Please help.

Are you saying you removed the first 20 lines of code for the template, yet expected it to work? It sounds like you need professional software coding support, which is not the purpose of this forum. Hire someone locally who can program in Liquid.

No, I’m saying when I remove the first 20 of my template, I get this error.

Your response does not clarify things. Exactly what “first 20” of your template did you remove, if not lines of code? And when you refer to “my template”, are you referring to something you adapted from one of the templates from the Manager web site or the unfinished one you posted on pastebin?

I’m about to create a new template from scratch.
Printing works fine. PDF not.
While debugging I discovered the error mentioned above after clicking on “PDF”.
But only when I remove the first 20 lines of the code from my new template.
When I add the first 20 lines of the code back to the template then the “PDF” generates blank page.

Hope that’s clear now.

Not very clear. Apparently, you are using attributes or declarations or something in your code not supported by Manager. I’d start by leaving out the fonts.

A bit late to the party but I had the same issue. I think you forgot to close a statement somewhere.
In my case I put something in a table and forgot the -/tr- and -/table- somewhere and then the PDF or email will just spit out blanks.

Good to know. Thanks Donny!

No problem. Just noticed that the HTML disappears When enclosed so I editted my message.