New payment module showing all payment transaction for restricted user

Dear all,
I noticed that this new payment module does not restrict user to the only payment made by his cash or bank account. In the previous "Receipt & payment’', a restricted user can only see the payments and receipts done on his permitted account(s) but this new payment fail to work like that.
I can say this is not good enough for a restricted user to see all payments made from accounts he does not have access to. The receipt module is okay and right because a restricted user only have access to see receipts made from his permitted accounts. If this is a bug, then it needs to be corrected.
OR I need other people’s opinion on this. Thanks

To understand whether there is a bug, you must illustrate the exact circumstances. You need to illustrate the situation with screen shots. Show the user’s permissions and then demonstrate access to something the user should not have access to.

Understand that related permissions can be confusing. For example, if you give a user access to view payments, that user will be able to view all payments. But if the user has no access to bank accounts and tries to change the bank account, no option will be available.

We don’t want that a restricted user to be able to view all payments & Receipt ? only his/her transaction