New Greek IRS digital "e-books" and myDATA from 01/01/2021

I think @AntonisV attached the requirement in the first post of this thread. myDATA API Documentation v0 6b_eng.pdf (2.0 MB)

After a quick view it seems much simpler than the italian one. It seems that you can work without a Delegate because you have a direct API of the tax authority.

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@nathan.kor, @AntonisV
Is there a conclusion, about the use of manager and myData?

Not yet, hopefully for us it gets postponed all the time by the goverment. But i think we should find something. I 'm currently working for it.

Can I help?

hello, since the time of mandatory use of my data is coming closer, I wanted to ask if there is any update on that topic or a newer topic about this?


You should use n8n to interface the two APIs. I was able to sync Manager with Italian e-invoices’ portal.

thanks but I’m not a programmer and I have no idea what to do with APIs :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to know 2 things, if anybody have done this and if yes how and if he paid someone to do it, who?
And if this is legal at all, because I though you need authorized software.


I am also interesting to use Manager with MyData.

Did anyone found how to do it? devs?

@john_roll there is underlying work in progress to faciliate these country-specific integrations. This is not yet supported but it is going to be supported.

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hello there
is there any news about this?
@nitro912gr did you find any solution?

Hello I didn’t looked in it because I lack the required experience to make sure I can make it work myself and avoid any mistakes and as a result of them, any fines.

I will use the on site application till Manager can work with it natively and make sure with my accountant everything is working as expected.

It is pretty sensitive matter to tamper with.

@tiligadis there is new concept called Extensions in the latest version which is a framework to faciliate country-specific integrations.

I’m not going to implement any of these country-specific integrations by myself. I’m just going to make sure it’s possible for other programmers to provide the implementation.

What we need now is Javascript programmer in Greece who is familiar with Greek digital “e-books” and myData concept. I’m happy to pay this programmer and give them necessary guidance.


how can we extract invoice fields?

Do you plan to create a manual for implementation?

I 've just send you a PM about that.

Hi as we are interested for the same thing have you found anything

I’m finalizing Extensions. I’ll get back to you all within a few days.

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Currently I’ m waiting the extensions to get finished and @lubos 's reply.

I hope he’ll do it soon enough because @ November’s 1st I have to be able to invoice in sync with myDATA, or use their free of charge program (called “myTIMOLOGIO” which means myInvoice).