New fixed asset and the acquistion field is unavailable

I have tried using the checkboxes of EDIT COLUMNS for FIXED ASSETS and does not appear to be working. I upgraded to and problem continues. I am using the standalone version.
Any suggestions as to getting the Acquisition cost field to show on a new fixed asset would be appreciated.
Fort Bragg, CA

I have just read about adding the control account field via settings … I did not have to do this for the first entry in my fixed assets list which I did several weeks ago … so I am not sure why I had it before and not now … but see I can add the control fields via settings.
I think I have solved my own problem.
But still wonder why the field was there for my first one

If this asset was purchased using New Payment or New Purchase Invoice, then you just categorize the money spent to Fixed assets, at cost then select Fixed asset.

This will increase acquisition cost of fixed asset.

Control accounts are only if you want to present fixed assets on your balance sheet differently from how it’s by default. You might not need that so don’t worry about control accounts.

yes … I find the control field is not the path to take
I am trying to enter assets from prior purchases and that have been depreciated.
The data on Purchase fixed assets | Manager
is what I saw when I added my first item
I am not seeing the Aquisition cost and accumulated depreciation fields any

wondering how to have them appear in the new fixed asset window

If you are entering starting balances, then the latest version no longer contains Starting Balance fields.

You should enter New Journal Entry where you can debit Fixed assets, at account and credit Fixed assets, accumulated depreciation accounts.

Basically you need to enter relevant transactions that will establish those starting balances.

Thank you for your help
It was easier the old way and made sense for a non-accountant like me

any change you have a guide on how to do accomplish that

chance - not change

The issue was that Starting balance field was misused. Because it was so easy to use, people were using the field in established businesses which was changing their financial statements retrospectively without realizing. This was creating issues elsewhere down the line.

In some cases, people were periodically updating their starting balances to simply adjust the figures they want to see on their balance sheet.

In the end, Manager needs to be making the wrong thing difficult to do. Not easy to do. Doing the right thing is important so you are not creating extra work for you and your accountant at some later point when things need to be corrected.

As for the guide, new guides are still light on information but getting there. Here is the guide on fixed assets:


thanks !