New empty business file larger than old


I have one parent company and two business names that I am accounting for separately, however I roll it up at tax time.

The way I set it up was to just copy the first business and bulk delete everything in the second business.

Can someone please tell me why the size of the second business file is larger than the first? I’ve even clicked on the size and processed a vacuum, however the file size is still larger.



Hi @michaely,

You didn’t just “Bulk Deleted” everything, you just moved them to Trash or Recycle Bin – if you like.

If you go to History, you will see that all your deleted records still exist in the new business file.

Please refer to this guide for more info:

@michaely, I am not disputing the fact that @Ealfardan’s explanation may have resolved your question. But I did not understand your situation to begin with. You said that you account for the two business names separately. Do I understand correctly that means you have two separate businesses set up in Manager, one for each business name?

If so, what do you mean when you say that you copy one business and bulk delete everything in the second business? The only way to copy a business is to make a backup. But if you do that, you will not have included anything from the second business, since that is in a separate data file. So you actually seem to have done something different than what I understood you to have done. Can you please explain?

Hi @Tut , Yes you understood it correctly. I have two separate businesses setup.

Again you are correct, I made a backup, created the new business from the backup, bulk deleted most of the information and just updated the static variables such as name, address etc… Hope that makes sense.

@Ealfardan’s response didn’t quite solve the problem for me, but it explained the discrepancy in the file size.

I suppose my next question would be to see if I could delete what is in the history as its not required? I haven’t found an answer to that in the documentation or the forum.



When you create a backup you should deselect history, it will then create one without it. See just un-click history.

No, it does not make sense. How do these actions accomplish anything towards combining the records of two separate businesses into one?

Yes, you can do that. Just make a backup and uncheck the box for History during the process.

I must say, you seem to making a big thing out of something so small as the file size. Memory is so cheap these days, and storage devices have such large capacities, what difference is a few megabytes of data? The big issue for data file size is not History, but Attachments (if any).

Hi @Tut ,

I appreciate that you see this as me “making a big thing out of something so small as the file size.”, the inquisitive side of me likes to understand why something is happening. Which is why I understood the explanation by @Ealfardan.

I export then combine in excel, I’m all ears if there is a better solution inside Manager? :smiley: I started with divisions however that didn’t work plus the businesses have different logos and names. Its akin to an Agent with multiple tenants in the one account.

@eko and @Tut, I did backup without history, however the batch delete process created the larger file size. The correct solution would have been to conduct a double back up with no history process with the batch delete occurring after the first back up with no history.

Maybe for a third business :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



@michaely, you should do another backup right after you delete everything from the first backup. That’s should solve your problem

That still doesn’t explain your actions. So far, you have only written about backing up or copying one of the two businesses and deleting content from the second. Where are you obtaining information from both businesses to combine?

@Tut, its an export from Manager of sales and opex. I just ensure it reconciles to the addition of separate components when I run individual reports on each business. It seems to be working for now as both are service businesses so no inventory.

Sorry, but I don’t understand your explanation.