Duplicate business appears after upgrading

Hi, I just upgraded the software from 20.5.47 to 20.8.94, and I got a duplicate business, with the same name and a (2) added after the name. It never happened before. The size of the files is not the same: the one appearing with (2) after the name is smaller. (What would be the reason for this?)
I’m afraid to delete one, not being sure which is the original. Both show the same version of the software now (20.8.94).

I’d like to go back to the original file, one business only. I would appreciate any help you could give me for figuring this out.

Thank you.

Try this to rebuild both databases and compare the size:


What you can do next is have a look into both, if both appear to have the exactly same data. Delete the smaller one (you can back it up before deleting). And then continue using the program as usual.

Even if you delete business in Manager, it’s not really deleted. It’s just moved to Trash folder.


The larger file, which looked like the original, is incomplete. The smaller one, with a (2) added to the name, seems to be complete. Weird?

I had this same issue a little while ago, the larger data business was up to date entries and the smaller data business it seemed to have entries to about six months ago.

Also to add, the larger data business was almost double the Data size compared to before I upgraded.

I made a backup before upgrading so I installed that and deleted the suspicious ones.
Hopefully that was the correct approach.

Then delete the larger file and continue using smaller one.

The reason why you have two files is because there was a change how Manager stores businesses in Application Data folder.

Previously the business would be stored in format {guid}.manager but the new version stores files in format your-business-name.manager.

This makes them easier to identify when looking into Application Data folder.

I suspect you already had a file your-business-name.manager in your Application Data folder (for whatever reason) and when your current file {guid}.manager got renamed, it couldn’t be renamed to your-business-name.manager because there was already one with that name so it assumed name your-business-name (2).manager

This would explain why your-business-name (2).manager is your latest one.

Thank you very much for your help. I removed the larger file. Is it OK to rename now the (2) file as the deleted one was, namely the … business-name only, without the (2), or would this interfere with whatever other file I may still have on the computer with the same name and extension?

You can rename it. It won’t interfere with anything.

Once again, thank you very much!