New Bank Reconciliation Tab

The new Bank reconciliation tab is fine, but it is hard to find reconciliation for each bank account (if one have many bank accounts) they are all mixed order by date and not by bank account…

Is there a way to re-gain access to bank reconciliation from the Bank Accounts Tabs so that we can see all reconciliations filtered for each bank account? (As it used to be)

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you can either click on the heading to sort the list or search the bank account name which will show you only the relevant transactions.

Workaround I coded all my bank accounts so I can now search/filter each one of the accounts to make sure none was left behind…

That is hardly a workaround, @repeted. You are using a built-in feature of the program meant specifically for organization of data displays. Situations like this are exactly why the feature is there.

I can agree with you, but can you add at least the date of the last reconciliation at the side of each bank account as it used to be…?

Please permit me to join my voice in requesting for at least the last reconciliation date! I appreciate the suggestion to code the bank accounts. I will try that out.

I too really valued the “last reconciled date” in the bank account list,

I used this to see at a glance that all of my bank accounts were recently reconciled.

I find it much harder to run my eye down the list or reconciliations and try to figure out if every account is in the list and has a recent reconciliation.

Now when I want to make sure that I’ve done all my reconciliations for the month, I need to write a list of all my accounts, and then work through the reconciliations tab and tick each account off that it has a reconciliation for the most recent month.

I would love to see this date field returned to the bank account summary list to save me having to do things this way. It did actually make it a lot faster and made a lot of sense to access it through there.

Thank you!


I just logged onto a computer where I still had an old version of manager with the reconciliation status and link in the bank accounts tab right next to each account. Wow was that so much nicer than the new separate tab! So nicely tied together :frowning:

Please bring it back!! Surely that old navigation could still open your new list of reconciliations (filtered to the account you clicked on) and still allow attachments to reconciliations?

I see I’m not the only one missing that feature, hopefully we will have it back someday…

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I too loved the old reconciliation tab next to bank account. It is so much easier for directors and management that are not accountants to know that the dates of the last reconciliation. Please bring it back.

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The new approach is no more difficult. Previously, you clicked into the Bank Accounts tab and saw the last reconciliation date on the same line as the bank account. Now, you click into the Bank Reconciliations tab and see the dates and bank accounts for all reconciliation reports. You have more information for a single click.

@Tut, The problem is not only about the availability of the last reconciliation date. The previous bank reconciliation provided a list of pending withdrawal and pending deposit (reconciling items) transactions on the reconciliation statement. A user of the statement wouldn’t need to go find those reconciling items elsewhere. The new Bank reconciliation statement does not provide that (last time I checked). If we can’t have the last reconciliation date showing in the bank tab, we should at least have the reconciling items showing in the BRS like before, it pretty much the standard.

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That is a separate issue, @Abeiku. You raised it yourself in an earlier post. I moved that post to its own topic and put it into the ideas category shortly after you brought up the issue back in November 2019. See Request for improvement to bank reconciliation format.

The difference is it shows what you have done (so already OK) not what you have not done (so needs to be highlighted).

I agree the new structure has the ability to generalise to other areas, but we have lost something of value.

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I vote for the old style as well. Much better UX than the new tab.

I am closing this topic. Further comments about bank reconciliations should be posted to the link in my previous post.