New Audit Trail (aka History)

@abeiku, sorry for not making this more clear but I was asking @lubos if it is possible to compress accounting records with audit trail records included, not purging the audit trail as such.

thanks brother , it solved my problem
Nasrullah .

This new feature is giving out wrong information recently. I was shocked to see multiple updates of payslips in History by my employee whose permitted actions are only view and create. I cross checked his permissions and can confirm that the new History needs more improvement.

Batch delete isn’t recorded in History.

@lubos The new Audit Trail is a great improvement over the previous version … many thanks. Could the date format of the Audit Trail output be set to whatever format has been selected in Preferences? Everything else in Manager seems to work this way except for the Audit Trails, which show the date in MM/DD/YYYY format only (I use DD/MM/YYYY as I am Australian based).

Also custom reports (only for custom fields) and batch create and batch update share this issue on dates format.

Can sent emails by added to History, as well?

Emails tab doesn’t show the user who sent the email.

Thank You @lubos These are long awaiting features we are expecting. Good Startt

I like the feature. At this time I only use the desktop version and am the only user. As such I am responsible for all entries and content. I do a lot of additions & deletions for testing purposes. Yes, I should have a test business for this. I would like the ability to be able to turn it on/off in settings.

Version 20.7.55 History doesn’t show deletions @lubos. At first, it wasn’t showing reference numbers of deleted transactions, now it doesn’t show deletions at all.

@lubos Will it be possible to purge the History/Audit Trail at some stage?

Why would you want to do that?

I don’t think I will implement purge history as a button but it will be possible to make a backup without history. So this will allow you to “purge it”. Would that be sufficent?


It will Better if History show Traction not need to be view

A backup without history would be good :smile:

It would be nice to have transaction references appear as hyperlinks to enable the user to click and view the transaction document right from the historical record.

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To me it seems that it brings up a synopsis of what the user did. It would be handy if it somehow also included a link to the document if it still exists.

I am using the history now for the first time in a situation where I need to use it (rather than previous experimentation and curiosity) and realising that I can’t see all the details of the entry that I made which requires me to find a way to get there.

I see a number of people have requested this already above, just adding my 5 moments of thought to it. I’d like the feature as well.

@lubos, I just realised this as well, I thought it was because I’d lost preferences settings or something, but it is the timestamp in audit trails doesn’t use the preferred settings and is defaulting to a system default?

I thought it might have been a system default, but editing my locale LC_TIME settings and restarting the manager server and the server itself, manager appears to be using a default from somewhere else.

ex: from the command line of the server in question:

xxx@xxx:~$ date
2020-09-28 01:50:36 UTC

and manager is still outputting (unrelated time):

9/27/2020, 2:51:40 PM

@d3mad Date format in audit trail

ahhh, ok. Makes sense, I suppose.