Negative number notation remove db/cr

Hi, I just upgraded to the latest Manager, but now I see that the totals have a different notation format. Negative numbers used to be in red with a ‘minus’ sign, Nowadays it is always a positive number with a ‘Db’ or ‘Cr’ after it. How do I revert back to the old notation?

First, you cannot change the display format as you request.

Second, this conversion has been ongoing, slowly, for quite a while. So you may have just noticed it in a tab you use. The problem was that many users did not understand why a particular transaction might be positive or negative. (That is related to the convention for debits and credits adopted by the developer. It could just as easily have been the opposite.)

Third, which particular page are you referring to?

  1. If it can’t be changed there is not much point discussing it.

  2. I do not update applications too often for exactly this reason: changes in function that i find to be regressions. So maybe this has been going on for a longer time, i would not know

  3. I do notice that indeed, some windows use the red minus notation, some others use Db/Cr. Where I find it to be problematic (again, for my use case), is the VAT window. Although I do see the point that debit/credit for this particular window is arbitrary. Yet I would argue that this ambiguity does not go away by using a different notation.