Negative inventory average cost

Any idea on how this is even possible??
It is something I had never seen before and I have just noticed. Very confused!

Look at bug reports before you post: Negative Average Cost Problem - #9 by rully_p.

Chill out! I did a search and this post didn’t come up. The only ones that came up are related to negative inventory quantities.

The guide posted is related to payment of purchase invoices. The issue with negative average costs has come out of the blue. And I am worried it messes up margins etc.

The thread does not appear under Bugs. @lubos is this a bug?

It most certainly does appear under bugs. And it is about negative average cost, exactly what you are reporting.

It does now. I checked before and it was not there, or I didn’t see it…

At least we now it is a bug, not something we recorded wrongly.

It was moved to the bugs category by the developer 10 hours before you started this thread.