Inventory - cost

Inside Inventory cost Show me (Adjust the cost to settle the negative stock ) What does this mean and why did it appear and when I go to stock I cannot find a negative value

Please post a screen shot of the page where this appeared. It is not possible to explain exactly what happened without seeing the history of the account. Most likely, you sold inventory you did not yet own and Manager could not assign its cost until you obtained more.

What inventory item did you purchase on 5/21/2020? If you were in a backorder situation for an item because of an earlier sale, there would have been no average cost to assign to the sales transaction. When you purchased more, Manager would go back to the previous sales transaction and complete the posting to Inventory - cost with the average cost determined from the 5/21/2020 purchase.

I did not understand, can you explain it?If you were in a backorder situation for an item because of an earlier sale

I did not issue Delivery Notes for sold goods could be the reason for this?

Suppose you had 3 units of Item A in stock. You issued a sales invoice for 5 units. Manager will accept the sales invoice and show a -2 quantity in inventory. But when you issue the sales invoice, the program tries to transfer the cost of 5 units to Inventory - cost as the cost of goods sold. But the last 2 units have no cost, because you never bought them. Later in the day, you buy 10 more units of A. Now you have a cost for the 2 remaining units you already sold. So Manager makes an automatic entry to Inventory - cost. If it did not, your cost of goods sold would be artificially low, possibly even zero.

Failure to issue delivery notes for sold goods will definitely destroy the accuracy of your records. The items are still in stock, so Manager will potentially use them against some other sales invoice or a cash sale. When you eventually issue a delivery note, you could be thrust back into a situation where there is nothing in stock and no average cost.

If you are not going to use delivery notes, disable the tab.