Negative figure for total sales in tax report transformation

Hi all.

Please someone help me solve this issue.

See circled figures in red on attached image.

The positive Sales figures appear negative on the Tax Returns Report Transformation.

I wonder why.

Appreciate your help

Click on the number to see what contributes to it.

Actually the Inventory of sale seems to be giving a negative outcome. But in the Reports/Tax Summary, the figures are okay. Its only in the Report transformation that is giving this issue.

What do you mean by “Inventory of sale?” Please illustrate with screen shots.

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@Lance could you show edit screen of your report transformation?

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@Tut , see attached the Transaction screen shot of the Transformation Report which probably gave the negative amount via the negative quantity.
Also, see attached the following;
1.Inventory Data population screenshot,
2. the Edit screenshot of the Sales Invoice of that inventory
3. The View of the Sales Invoice
4. The Tax Summary in Reports ( which shows normal figures as they should be)

@lubos , here is the Edit screen shot of the Report Transformation.

@Lance it’s negative because those are credit amounts. To show them as positive amounts, just add Reverse signs modifier after your GST OUT, GST Out.


When you have the report working properly, please send me this business file to

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@lubos , thanks alot. Sure ill send them

@lubos , the businesses file containing those report transformation cannot be sent via email. Any way i can send apart from that?

Once you are in a view screen you can print it to PDF and email that PDF using the email package you use.

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@eko , thanks.

Private message lubos in this forum and attachment your business file

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Thanks @Patch