Need help on custom reports

Hello everyone, I need a report which can give opening, debit, credit and balance within a time frame, say 22-11-18 to 03-12-18 of all my customers. Could anyone suggest a way please?

try this

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or this one better

opening balance are not supported.

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Yes, you can. Go to reports, then go to customers transaction, choose your required dates, then click create. There you have the report what you are looking for. It’s simple, isn’t it?

In my opinion, you don’t need custom report for your desired reporting.

Thanks everyone. But unfortunately none of these method achieves the requirement.

As advised by @acecombat2 custom field can’t give opening balance at this moment.

@sonicgroup I need an overview which gives opening balance, debit, credit and balance from all my customers within a time frame. Customer transaction reports as you suggested gives results by individual customers so I have to click on each customers transaction which is cumbersome for a huge list.

I think the report can be generated only by custom field once opening balance feature is available

Don’t expect opening balance to ever become available. Opening balances for specific periods on perpetual accounts (like customers’ subaccounts under Accounts receivable) are not stored variables. They are calculated on the fly based on the parameters defining a report.