Multiply in a template (estimate - calculate a percentage of down payment)

Hello. I created a custom field in which I added the amount of the deposit that I ask my client on the quotes. I do not find how to make a multiplication in the liquid model.
I wish that the calculation takes the total of the estimate, carries out the multiplication by the personalized field then divides by 100.

I want to display the following sentence:
Deposit [custom field] so [calculated amount] …

Example for a quote of 100 €: 30% deposit therefore 30 €

it’s very easy to add two fields

{{custom_fields ["Field 1"] | more: custom_fields ["Field 2"]}}

Or to divide …

{{custom_fields ["Field 1"] | divided_by: custom_fields ["Field 2"]}}

but impossible to find the right syntax to perform a multiplication …

Thank you in advance for your help …

Read the Guide:

Hello. I read this short page of the guide. The answer to my problem is not there … I also searched the Internet without success. I think other users need the same need? Maybe MANAGER knows how to manage down payments but I did not find the function in the software or in the manual.

You asked about how to multiply in Liquid templates. Your examples were for custom fields. The Guide includes the ‘times’ syntax. And this is useful for operations on custom fields. If you want operations on other variables, that goes beyond the scope of this forum.


LOL … Indeed, I was misled by the name of the Times field which refers to time and I did not read the description. Thank you for your clarification