Multiple transaction on one receipt

I’m raising one receipt with multiple entry, i input receipt number into description field, because the volume is high at times I make mistake and enter the same value twice, can unique field be introduce to your app

The receipt number belongs in the Reference field. You can choose automatic numbering. See This can be set as the default condition for any transaction type in Form Defaults. See

I am raising many transaction on one receipt with different receipt numbers, hence I am forced to use the description field to contain the different receipt number and the volume of the transaction is high, like I said i makes mistake some times by entering same data twice.can unique field be implemented so that if I am entering data that is already captured the system will reject it

Why are you entering receipts from some other system into Manager? If you are worried about duplication, it sounds like you have built it into your workflow for every transaction.

I edited my reply please read again for a better understanding. thanks

I understand what you are doing, so your edit did not help. I am asking why you are doing it. Why create receipts in some other system, then enter them again in Manager, even if you combine them as separate lines on a single form?