Multiple payment methods in Receipt

Problem: The customer pays multiple invoices partial & full using cash & checks. Currently, the manager does not support multiple payment methods in one receipt.

Workaround: I simply put the complete amount received in cash & then use inter-account funds transfer to move the amount paid by check to the relevant bank account.

Solution: There should be multiple accounts in a single receipt so that the complete transaction is correctly recorded & summarized in one window.

No, there should not. A receipt in a bank account, whether by electronic deposit, cheque, or cash, is a distinct transaction from a receipt in another bank account or a cash account. Receipts into different bank accounts might clear on different days. A cheque deposited into a bank account might be returned for insufficient funds, while cash given to settle a portion of the same sales invoice cannot.

An accounting transaction can only have one counter-party. A bank account is, in effect, that counter-party by virtue of the banking institution being the other financial entity. Your “workaround” is faulty accounting.

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