How to set up multiple currencies

I set up CHF as my basic currenceny, but neither under Settings nor under Customise can I find Exchange Rates. What am I doing wrong?

The links and I see mentioned in the forum give a “Not Found” error message.

The links you found are, no doubt, from old posts. The structure for Guides has changed since then, but it would be impossible to find every link to obsolete pages.

What your screen shot shows are the default tabs. Until you enable the Cash Accounts tab and create an account, you have no need for exchange rates, so the option does not appear. Set up a cash account:

As soon as you enter any account or transaction that permits a different currency, the Exchange Rates option will appear under Settings.

This behavior is a basic characteristic of Manager: almost nothing shows unless needed.

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Thank you very muchfor your great help. I’ve now managed to set up my USD bank account and set the exchange rate.

Context-sensitive menus: great thinking. I am beginning to love this program.