Multi-currency on Purchase Invoice - Missing


I have activated exchange rates in settings but I cannot find multi-currency. My base rate is Euro however I purchase items from suppliers in USD. Is this feature suspended?


You need to enable Base currency under Settings and set your base currency. Once done, you can set currency for individual suppliers (default for all suppliers will be base currency)

Once you set USD currency for given supplier, all their invoices will be in USD. In other words, currency is not set on purchase invoice level, it is to be set on supplier level.


Ok I have activate this. So I Understand, in the Purchase Invoice Items, I will just write the amount and once this is printed it will automatically be in USD? Thanks


Amount you type in purchase invoice item is for autocomplete purposes only. You might need to manually type the correct amount to be in USD on purchase invoice itself if autocompleted amount is entered in EUR. Anyway, try it and see what will happen.


Brilliant. it comes automatically in US. Thank you Lubos!