Multi-currency for products/items

My suggestion is please put the type of currency for Purchase/Sales Invoice items only not for customers. with this all confusion will go away. i think…

Example take any MNC Company, it will purchase the material from different countries and currency. But the base currency of this MNC company will be One only(Like INR or USD or any).

Keep in mind, the prices that you enter under Inventory items, Sales invoice items or Purchase invoice items are only for autocomplete purposes only.

Eventually there will be support for multiple pricing levels which means you will be able to set prices in different currencies and for different groups of customers. Until then, you just need to be more careful and manually change the unit price on invoice if it should be different from what has been suggested via autocomplete.

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Hi Lubos,

Any idea when we will see multi currency prices / prices per group of customers implemented. This will be of great benefit.