Missing information in Retained Earnings ledger

With addition of Retained earnings (or whatever it has been renamed) to allowed accounts for receipts/payments, that ledger is now a great summary of business activity that could prove quite useful for tracing problems or looking up transactions. However, entries allocating expenses from Disbursements to Accounts receivable upon invoicing show no information except date and amount. And the transactions can neither be edited nor viewed.

I can understand why you wouldn’t want these to be editable–mayhem could ensue. But if they can’t be viewed, a description is the only way to know what they are. Since these are aggregate numbers for all disbursements on an invoice, they typically are not quickly recognizable.

It seems that a transaction type could be included, as is done for billable time. Possibly the sales invoice could be listed? Perhaps this is still part of your plan for this module?

There are actually many instances where information from subsidiary ledgers don’t flow into general ledger the way user would expect (especially when it comes to descriptions). I’m planning to make this part really good within upcoming months. And not just for retained earnings but for all accounts.

I notice this feature of Manager has not changed after more than 4 months. Could you provide an update on your progress? Thanks.

I’m sure there have been some improvements but probably not in the context you are viewing it from.

I agree, there needs to be View button working so you can see worksheet how Manager came up with those credits under Disbursements recoverable account. For the time being, I made it in the latest version so description column is not empty when viewing those credits. It will show now what sales invoice is responsible for those credits. It’s not final solution but at least some progress in this direction.

The direction you say you are headed will be even better, but for now, just having the sales invoice number is a huge help. Thanks.