Missing information and font problems on Bank Receipt pdf


I have entered a Receive Money transaction and entered the name and address into the Payer field, using the html code “br” to get the name and address on two separate lines.

When I view or print the Bank Receipt, the two lines are present but when I create a PDF or email the receipt the information is missing altogether.

I am using the latest Desktop version 18.5.8 on Windows 10

Edit transaction

View receipt

List of bank transactions


I have other transactions where I entered the Name in the Payer field and the address in the Description field and they both appear in the View, print and PDF output.

Has it go something to do with the tag?

I can reproduce this. Yes, it has to do with the <br> tag. Here is a receipt on screen:

Here is the same transaction as PDF:


Note that not only is field content missing, bold-face type is shown as plain. When the <br> tag is removed, the remaining line of text returns and type fonts in the PDF are as designed:


The same problem occurs with cash transactions, but with one exception. The Payer field content disappears when there is a <br> tag, but bold fonts remain where they belong:


I also confirmed the bug exists for both receipts and payments.

@Joe91 just to confirm, have you checked using <br> instead of <br/>
@Tut mentioned the <br> tag but has not posted screenshots of any entry forms to be clear.

I tried both
and got the same result with each format ie missing lines from pdf

okay. thanks for making it clear.

To clarify, all my testing was done with <br> tag only. I did not even notice the / character in @Joe91’s screen shot.

I’m a bit pedantic about closing HTML code snippets properly. <br/> is the syntactically correct way of coding the br tag but all browsers will accept

This has been pointed out as not being quite right.
is correct and in XHTML
is the require syntax.

Fixed in the latest version (18.5.10)