Missing Fields in Customer

I recently upgraded my manager.io server instance

My old version had been in use for the last 4 years. When I create a new customer previously, there were fields like telephone, fax, mobile and additional information

After i upgraded to the current version, the above fields are now missing.

Any way of turning these field back on again?

There have been literally thousands of updates over the past four years. One of them, several years ago, eliminated non-essential fields from transaction forms that the program itself does not use. Now, if you want such fields, create them as custom fields. See https://www.manager.io/guides/8941. If you had any information in such fields, the update should create custom fields with the same names as the old fields, preserving your data. Your version is so old, though, that there is a chance the update could not be performed properly. In that case, you will need to email a backup file of your business to @lubos at lubos@manager.io so he can perform the conversion for you.

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