Missing account names on Journal Entries

When I create an journal entry and select the Tax Payable account, the account name shows up blank. The Debit or Credit value is there. It’s just the description that is not shown.

What do you mean, “the account name shows up blank?” Post a screen shot. When Tax payable is selected, it appears just like any other account. You also say “just the description” is not shown. Which is it?

Thanks, @Tut.

This is what I entered:

And this is the result:

Ah, yes. Thanks for the screen shots. I am able to reproduce this problem. But it is more widespread than you describe:

  • When control accounts are involved, only the 2nd-tier information seems to show. For example, Capital does not show, but the capital account Member does. For control accounts like Tax payable or Retained earnings, where no 2nd-tier subaccount exists, nothing shows.
  • The problem seems to happen primarily on the credit entry, but that might be a function of the particular entries in my real and test businesses, not an actual characteristic of the bug. In fact, your example shows that it seems to happen sometimes for the debit entry, too.

I am elevating this as a bug.

Fixed in the latest version (17.1.47). If there are some other accounts where names are missing, let me know.

As far as I can tell, some entry now appears for both debit and credit lines. But for control accounts with subaccounts, only the subaccount appears. For example, when clearing expense claims to owner’s equity, the expense claims payer shows, but not the Expense claims account itself. Likewise, when a capital account is involved, the member’s name shows, but there is no indication the transaction involves a capital account. Those two examples alone raise the possibility of confusion: the same individual could be both an expense claim payer and a capital account member, but the resulting form would not distinguish. Other examples can be thought of, as well.

  1. The problem of only seeing subaccounts, but not the control account, persists in version 17.1.64.

  2. Additionally, when a default account has been renamed (such as Retained earnings to Owner's equity), the default name shows rather than the changed name on the completed journal entry form.

  3. When the Tax payable account has been renamed (such as to Sales tax to remit), not even the default name shows. Instead, Tax liability is displayed. I recall another problem several months ago with Tax liability showing instead of Tax payable, but that one was fixed.

So I am switching this topic back to the Bugs category.

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Any progress on this yet, @lubos?

Should be all fixed in the latest version (17.4.91)

The previously mentioned problems are all fixed and working perfectly.

I suggest that when a 3rd-tier account is involved, it should show, too. The use case that comes immediately to mind is a transfer from Retained earnings to a capital account. The journal entry now shows Capital accounts => Member, but not the capital subaccount. So you cannot tell whether the transaction credited Drawings, Distribution of earnings, or some user-created subaccount. This could be especially important in partnerships where the partnership agreement provides for unequal payback of initial investments and special subaccounts have been added to track that.

Great work all!


Jasper Kimmel