General Ledger Summary and General Ledger transaction not agreeing

@lubos the two reports are not agreeing on the Foreign exchange gains (losses) reported for periods.
The general ledger summary adds the Foreign Exchange Revaluation to the total Foreign Exchange gains (losses) reported for the period but the General Ledger Transactions excludes it. I believe the two statements must have the same closing balances.

I don’t understand what you are saying, please show us screen shots of how you create each report so we can compare them.


General ledger Summary. (Includes the foreign exchange gains on the revaluation of monetary assets and liabilities)

The General Ledger Transactions summary (ommitted the revaluation gains/(losses) )

Inside the Foreign exchange Gains/(Losses) account in the general ledger summary

Should be fixed in the latest version (20.7.93)

The gains and losses are getting posted correctly now. The only issue now is that, no description is provided for the those entries.

Thank you