Mini-Statement snippet for template design


I like the new mini-statement feature.

I would need to adjust my template design by placing the mini-statement on a separate section within the template. Currently I’m kind of forced to use the plain theme. I need the appropriate code snippets to achieve this.

It makes the template like this, which is ugly:-

Would that be possible? If so, how?

Thanks in advanced.

please understand this is not a coding forum. if you do not have the necessary skills to customize a theme, hire someone locally to do it for you. any programmer with html skills can easily modify things as per your preference. the themes use liquid coding.

I understand that, I only require the correct liquid / html tag for the mini-statement.
The rest I can do myself.

Your problem is not that you need to know the tags. They are already in use; otherwise, the content you showed (and said is ugly) would not appear. Your problem is that you have inserted code that positions the content invoked by the tags in a manner you don’t like. None of the built-in themes do this, so it is the result of your own code. And you need to edit it yourself or hire someone to do so.

So in other words you say I have live with it or use the built-in themes.

Even I if hire someone to do it, how are they supposed to know the right tag/title for mini-statement within the loop in totals table using liquid code??

That’s not really helpful…

not if you can further customize the theme as you have already did personally or by hiring a local programmer.

any competitive programmer can identify and modify the code easily.
it would be better if you could first talk to any local programmer.
or try searching the forum where similar issues were previously discussed and solutions given.

i think its helpful when other fellow USERS of the program find time from their busy schedule to respond to a question and guide you in the right direction.

Thanks, I figured it out anyways.

You might like to share what you did here, so that if others want to do something similar then they will have a head start.

Assuming, you use the built in “Plain” theme.

In theme editor change line 54

   {% if total.label contains 'Less' %}{% continue %}{% endif %}


Note: With this amendment, you remove “Paid” from the table. You will have only Total and Balance.

you have completely removed the mini-statement while your initial question was how to move the mini-statement and show it somewhere else.

Yes, as for now this does what I need.

It’s not clear to me how the total of mini-statement can be called in the loop. Total.text or total.number seem not to work, they only put out invoice total and balance due.

It would be good to have the Manager specific liquid codes for designers