Manufacturing order as Jobcard


I want to use manufacturing order as a “jobcard”. I have to do a repair on a PC, I replace the screen that we have in inventory but I want to add labour like sales invoice item. Can it be done this way?


Manufacturing orders have specific purpose, that is to “create” new inventory items (finished goods) out of existing inventory items (raw materials).

Repair PC doesn’t qualify for this use case. You should just invoice your customer for new screen and labor. This is nothing to do with manufacturing.



Is there some interest to have this feature that it might be added at some time?


I also do PC repair. If you go to Settings> Sales Invoice Item, you can create an Item , name it “Labor” and include your hourly amount to charge per hour. Nothing to it.


I have also done that but now we started a cellphone repairs as well as separate business. We need to have serial number and job card to assign to a tech and then have record of what part was used from inventory for the repair.

I’m trying a “helpdesk” system then invoice the job card from there to Manager.


I have found that the “Descripton” field works great for serial numbers, Tech, location, status of a work order, and just about anything.