Manager won't install after Ubuntu 14.04 upgrade

I have been running Manager on Ubuntu. After upgrade to 14.04 everything is gone and won’t install from the software center, dependency libmomo-wcf3.0-cil was not installed is the message.
I followed the post from paulinoturone to remove this dependency and install from terminal. I received an error message listng numerous libmono lines that were not installed.

libmono-wcf3.0-cil has been renamed to libmono-wcf3.0a-cil in Ubuntu 14.04 so this might be causing upgrade issues.

Anyway, remove Manager from your Ubuntu installation and install the latest version directly from our website. That should fix the problem.

I tried to install Manager from the website without success. I went back to the Ubuntu software center and reinstalled it again. This time I was notified of a problem with the program installation and given a repair option. I clicked repair and reinstalled Manager. The program is finally installed. All is well again.