Manager System Requirement

I need to know Manager system requirement for Windows including processor, RAM and storage. I need it to make reference for my computer system assignment.

The only information available under FAQ is “What are the system requirements?
You will need Windows XP SP2 or higher, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher or Ubuntu 11.10 or higher.”

As far as I am aware, nothing special. My previous 12 year old Dell laptop on XP didn’t have an issue.

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As @Brucanna says, Manager will run on any of those operating systems. So you need to look up system requirements of those operating systems.

I can’t run manager on a 64bit windows

I am running Manager on Windows 10 64 bit without any problems

Hello everybody,
I am using Manager on the desktop version and it struggle a lot when my invoices are 60 lines long. I am looking to upgrade my laptop so I can work quicker.
Have you got any minimum ram etc that you would recommend?

As was stated above by the developer, the only requirement is on the operating system version. See the FAQ:

The actual data file is very compact. If your computer will run the software, speed should not be an issue. I suspect any computer would buy today will perform much faster than your old one.

Hi Tut,
Thank you very much, I just wanted to make sure. I just use Manager more than any software and want to make sure that I optimise its use.
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Just don’t take my statement as a guarantee of performance? :wink: I’m no expert. But very few people complain about speed, and when they do it usually turns out to be some other problem than too little RAM.