Manager stopped working since appimage update

I am using ubuntu 22.04 and since updating manager appimage the manager screen goes white and crashes, can not enter any data. Is it the appimage or is it Ubuntu??

You could have searched forum and found discussions such as at AppImage fails to load "stack smashing detected" - #15 by krystalsavage

The issue seems to be with Linux newer versions using for example with Ubuntu “Yaru gtk4” rather than “gtk3”. You should thus follow the instructions in the forum or Google how to downgrade to gtk3 and keep that locked so that it doesn’t get changed again when running a Ubuntu Server update.

Well i don’t intend to downgrade to gtk3 so ill try installing manager via wine using a windows manager install and if that doesn’t work ill install another accounting program that’s compatible with Ubuntu. Thanks for your suggestions.

You always can keep gtk4 but you meed to also install gtk3 for Manager.