When I try to open a manager file I get this exception error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of manager. What is causing this?

Try the latest version (17.5.26). It won’t fix your problem but the error should be different to give more pointers what’s wrong.

I have downloaded the msi file from the link -

The error is still the same. How can I see the version that is installed?

it is faintly printed in the top corner

have you installed and updated all the .NET Framework versions?

@praffert, if the error is the same, I’m pretty sure you are not installing the latest version. Are you using Windows, Linux or Mac?

I do not see any version info above the backup button on my windows machine. I have even tried changing the screen contrast. I found the version info from Windows Control Panel => Programs and Features.

After a few attempts I managed to downloaded the installation file for the newest version and now everything works fine again.

Thanks for the support.