possible on iPad?

Is there an app of that I can install on my i-pad?

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Unfortunately not. With the cloud or server version you can access on your iPad but it is not optimised for mobile devices. Personally, we only access Manager using the iPad if it’s absolutely necessary to check or update something whilst away from the office. If there were an iPad app, it would change the way we do business because as a service business we would be able to invoice on site. The experience of trying to create an invoice on the iPad proved too frustrating with all the swiping and resizing and scrolling to see fields, so we are invoicing from the office only. It would be exciting to see an improvement in this area or indeed an inclusion on the roadmap.


While I hate Ipads, I do agree that having the ability to use Manager on site is the direction that companies are moving towards. The traditional system of waiting till you get back to the office to do a task is no longer an acceptable way to run a business. So support for tablets and phones for accounting is becoming necessary.

I actually use a syncing program that syncs everything on my business drive on my computer with my business drive on my laptop (this includes Manager data as well as all my other data), so I can view anything on Manager on my laptop on site. Its amazing how many times I have already found it useful to have Manager on site.


For the best experience you need native app. Even optimized web-based app for mobile won’t cut it.

Anyway, new Manager API has been added just a few days ago. It’s possible someone out there will start working on iPad/iPhone app which will be able to talk to Manager.