Manager does not open after upgrade

Hi Lubos,

I have upgraded my Manager app today, but after upgrading it, the app does not open up at all.

I am using windows 10.

In the application data folder the details are as in the screen shot.

Kindly let me know how i could resolve the same pls


Note: on un-installing this version and restoring the previous version… I was able to work on the old version again. The old version was

Kindly let me know the process to upgrade… Thanks

Seems like something didn’t go right during migration. Can you sort those files by “size” column so I can see which ones are more than 0 KB?


Find herewith the screen shot of the files (post uninstallation) and reverting back

If required, would try the upgrade once again and again would send you the screen shot of the appsdata folder


After the upgrade

OK, try the latest version (17.4.8). It should fix the migration issue.

Hi Lubos,

The application did open up, but did not show any companies which were there earlier.

I then used the “Open” button and picked up a company from backup and this is the error

Note: I directly updated with the new version, without updating the previous version

What happens when you click Try repair ?

With “Repair” it works.

Next Question… How do I rename a Company?? and delete a company

Renaming a business is done on the Summary tab - next to existing name:

For delete, read this topic

Not anymore. Rename the business under Settings=>Business Details. Rename the data file just like any other file according to your operating system.

Looks like I need to go back to kindergarten, to retrain the trainer.

Rename through Settings => Business Details only renames it in the summary area

but does not rename it in the opening page

Note: This sample company was restored from backup

how about deleting a company??


The opening page is showing the name of the data file, in this case the backup file used and its location.
Changing the name within Manager doesn’t change the data file name as the file is open - being used.

If you want the front page to match the Summary tab name, then you will need to rename the data file when Manager is closed (and you may need to open it again under the new name).

With regards to delete the release topic has: “The latest version (17.4.11) has Remove option on “Recent” list.”
If this removes selected or all listings unsure - haven’t tested. - but this cleans up the opening screen but allows the data file to remain available in the background. To actually delete the data file, you will need to navigate to it and delete via your operating system.

Thanks for all the help.

btw… Remove option works

Thanks again