Manager allocating credit automatically

Manager suddenly allocated funds to account automatically. I do NOT want that to happen. I have to allocate funds to each specific invoice to ensure they are paid. How do I reverse this?

You should read this guide It describes both automatic and specific allocation near the end

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I have read the guide and, to my knowledge, have never used automatic allocation. I allocate the specific amount against a specific invoice. However, on a few occasions I suddenly find an automatic allocation made and I do not know from where it came.
What is worse is that I cannot undo this and allocate the funds to a specific invoice myself, so that I know what has been paid and what hasn’t
Since I am migrating to this program on my Mac from a Windows program, I have the whole financial year to reenter and reconcile with the bank statements. It is throwing me off since a reconciliation already done is now out since Manager is automatically allocating funds to an unpaid invoice and I cannot work out where those funds are coming from.
I have to go right back to the beginning of the financial year and recheck every payment.
Why can’t I just undo the allocation?

In re-entering you should follow a strict process so that it replicates the previous sequence of transactions. If you find that an automatic allocation event has occurred then the Receive Money entry has been posted before some Invoices.

To resolve this issue, go to the customer that’s affect and start deleting the Receive Money transactions from the end of the year and work back towards the beginning until the automatic allocation has cleared, then re-enter the Receive Money with allocations to the correct invoices. Because there will always be unpaid Invoices the automatic allocation shouldn’t occur. I have assumed that you haven’t been using Customer Credits for the Receive Money.

Re-entering data is completely unnecessary, @Phil. Simply make a backup of your data file from the Windows machine on a drive that is accessible to your Mac. A USB flash drive will do. Then use the Add Business function on the Mac to import the backup. All data will be preserved.

If you’ve started re-entering data and had trouble, I recommend deleting everything you’ve done on the Mac and starting over as described above. You will end up with exactly what you had before.