[Malaysia] Tax Invoice format additional summary of sub total for different tax codes

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I need help in Tax invoice format such as the following:

The summary is to assist our customer or debtor that aren’t using Accounting software, usually in excel format to do quick calculation.

I’m not really well verse in editing template, if there is any code that I can copy or guidance on how to adjust the template, I appreciate it very much.

Have you tried to implement the gst code in your invoice? If you did, you must know that current format works well with the requirement.

@Qursytec_Venture you mean adding tax code? or label the item in tax invoice?

I tried multiple items in tax invoice, it did not have the gst summary table in it.

If you had used multiple tax codes, the amount for each would be listed below the subtotal. The default format provides every element shown on your example, just in a different physical layout.

Many Manager users in Malaysia use the program without problem.

Above example of my previous inv.

You should refer to the guideline given. It will help you a lot in sorting out your problems.

As for gst code. Actually, you need to mention the code which is representing the taxes where it implement.

As example. SR, TRX or etc whichever applied. As for me, you may refer to the inv attached. To ensure everything works in order, you need to key in important details such as your business details, customer details, inventory and etc.

You may refer to the guidelines, it is helpful enough.

@Tut and @Qursytec_Venture

I’m more toward to mix supply scenario as shown in image I uploaded earlier.

There is no problem in usage, the one that I’m trying to highlight is when I’ve sold several zero rated supply more than 1 item. The reason of doing so when a customer receive my tax invoice to claim the tax return which also requires to add up the total zero rated supply. in TAP system by Royal Malaysian Customs Department.

More in form than function, like @Tut mentioned.

I apologize, @acecombat2. I did not notice the subtotals for amounts taxable (or not taxable) at the different rates. I only noticed the different tax amounts.

Unfortunately, if you want that tax summary as shown, you will have to calculate it manually and put it in the Notes field. Manager does not calculate subtotals for different tax codes. It calculates taxes line item by line item and adds them at the end to determine amounts of each tax.

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Thank you!

That is very unfortunate for us Malaysian D:

it relates to our dear Customs whether it can be claim or not, especially the case where it has mixed with exempted supply (ES).

The inventory supplies is up to an option *no tax or *gst (which you have to setup in your system) as for the total zero rated supply, it is enough as putting the code in front before your item code. As the example for Zero Rated Supply (ZRL-FLOUR) … things sort to be like that…

You may refer to the linked below for GST CODES

OR you can refer to this guideline Setting up tax codes

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Yes @Qursytec_Venture there is no problem when you don’t have mix supply that include ES tax code. But when you have that ES tax code supply mixed with SR code, the problem are not on us, but on our customer. Especially medical supply.

So far I would like to have the tax summary as optional. as it would only applicable to mix supply scenario.

Since I understood Manager Team plan to make it flexible as much as possible.

For reference,


I understand your concerned, as I have referred this to customs, there are few options for acknowledge the rates apply (gst or zero-rated or exempt) either you put as the indicator or special code refers to the rate apply. As for me, I prefer to put it as code indicator such as SR for gst charges.

As Tut already mentions about the system, to make it easier for me I just mentioned the code in my item code. So far, I have no issue with the invoices and they are satisfied enough with my monthly statements

You can double confirm with them to get a better picture about it.

@Qursytec_Venture thanks for clarification.