Check the format please

please ignore this post

TAX column take too much space

FORMAT FOR TAX CODES PLEASE . can u help please

how to Add HSN Columns… Dear Sir

When customized a template For GST …

Click on the Settings tab, and then click Tax Codes.

Then click the Edit button next to each tax code and change the name to something shorter. Remember to click the green Update button after renaming.

You can use the same names as @patel8795

Dear SIr Dear sir

customized a template

We Doing everything On Link you … But i Cant Get Proper customized Like You

So How Can In My Soft …

Sir Can You Plz Tech My Pc remotely… on ammy admin Ya Teem V…?

under SETTING tab there is CUSTOM FIELDS
add new custom field column under INVENTORY ITEM.

set tax code as it is

please refer…

For all the details of Tax Codes
@Har for HSN Columns you also refer this topic for all the details.

you surely made some minor mistake in making a custom tax code…
See the photo provided by you. In that there are 3 types of Tax Codes…
But in final CGST and SGST Calculation… it display two times…

Originally it will be display like bellow image.

@patel8795 you please Update the tax code… like bellow Image. for two or three different type of GST will be Calculated as total of CGST and SGST… like above Image.