Making an inventory report

Manager laughs at all my attempts to generate an Inventory report. I followed the suggested steps that Andre was given but never got past the opening query 'Query must start with SELECT keyword’
Tried that in all the permutations I could think of with no success. There must be an easier way but I am too old to figure it out.

If you have Inventory Items tab enabled, you will see three inventory reports under Reports tab. Don’t go to Custom reports which is what you seem to be doing.

I have the tab actuated and made one inventory item named Stock. Purchase invoice for 10 items was made and the entry is still not there. The movement report shows all zeros. dates confirmed. The other two reports also show zeros. Will reload the program. Thanks, Wayne

Reloaded. Still no results in the three reports. Balance sheet shows item cost under an Other Asset account and purchase invoice date within the date range. Thanks Wayne

Can you show screenshot of editing screen of how purchase invoice was entered?