Mac OS Mojave support


dear @lubos previously manager was incompatible with Mac OS Mojave beta version. now public release is available Kindly update it to support Mac OS Mojave

MOJAVE update

I just updated to Mojave having no idea that it’s still not supported. I opened Manager and to my surprise I got a blank screen window :scream: please a fix as soon as possible! I am using Manager as my main accounting software for my business.


I’m sorry for the inconvenience. @eto is looking into this issue.

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Thanks for the fast response. Appreciate it.


yeah have gone to get a profit and loss statement for my tax accountant appointment next week and manager isn’t working since I’ve update to Mojave!!!

Is there an ETA at all?

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Literally refreshing manager’s website daily to check their forum and if they released a new update with a Mojave fix lol. Hope you guys fix this soon

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Eek me too!!
Hoping for a quick fix!! (pretty please?)

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The latest version (18.9.98) doesn’t fix the issue but it contains workaround until the issue is fixed permanently.


Hi, thanks. But where can we read about the workaround?


Just upgrade to the latest version. The workaround is that if you are on macOS 10.14 Mojave, desktop edition will open in web-browser window rather than in its own until this issue is fixed.


Hi, I understand this is a temp workaround, but is my data secure in browser mode? I am sorry, I don’t quite understand how that works. Thanks.


Now its supports Mojave


Thank you very much for providing this work around solution! :smile:

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@lubos I personally liked workaround method. I think it should be a permanent feature to open manager in browser as it can give us flexibility to multi task works in multiple tabs.


You can already do that. From the January 2018 newsletter:


Thank you so much for the fast workaround - It’s greatly appreciated!!


Will we be notified here when the issue is fixed permanently, or will we see it as an update in the “Desktop Edition - releases” section?


It will be on the Releases page and in responses to forum topics like this one.

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The latest version (18.10.29) is fixing the issue without workaround.


Many thanks!