Mac download "damaged and can't be opened"

Wanting to try your software but the Mac download comes up with an error when trying to run the .DMG file: “Manager” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the image.

You cannot “run” a disk image file. You can only open it. Read this Guide and follow the instructions exactly: Manager Cloud. But download a fresh copy of the program first.

@pswal, depending on which version you downloaded (there have been several bug fixes released in the last few hours), your version may not open. So it might not be your installation procedures at all. See the bug report just posted at Version 18.5.15 for Mac quits upon launch.

It was the file - the one I had was 18.5.13. I note it’s now up to 18.5.22. Great to see it’s continually being updated. Thanks.