MТ940 import failed to import all transactions

For some reasons on manager 19.2.79 the import was not complete and some of the bank transactions were recognized as already imported, although I am importing bank statements from two different days.

The only similarity between the two is that the amount not imported is the same as an amount from the previous day.

Not sure if this is a bug.

Importing function will skip individual transactions only if there is already one with the same clear date and amount.

So if your MT940 file contains bank transaction on 13/04/2019 for 20 EUR and your accounting file doesn’t contain transaction with this clear date and amount, then this bank transaction will be imported.

Just keep in mind, bank transactions have two dates.

  • Date (which is date for accounting purposes)
  • Clear date (which is date for bank reconciliation purposes)

If clear date is not entered, then clear date will be the same as “date” (this is the case for almost all bank transactions - clear date is different from transaction date only if entering cheques, pending deposits etc.)

As the bank statements I was importing were from two different days I believe that they had different clear dates as well. There were no pending transactions.

I’d have to see it for myself. If you could send me the business file and the bank statement you are importing to lubos@manager.io, I will have a look. Alternatively, you don’t have to send the real business file if you can recreate the test file with those bank transactions which make Manager to skip importing.

I just sent you the files.