Kudos to this team!

Hi Everyone, I’m new to Manager and I am blown away by this product. I was intrigued to know who’s behind it but couldn’t find anything on the website. Is there any place I could check?

In any case, I just wanted to thank you for what you do! I’m coming from QB which I don’t like and can’t believe how better your software is.

Keep it up!

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It Is basically one man show from @lubos. So kudos to Lubos!


I do concur!

I know it may not seem like it sometimes, but I do believe it is an amazing product :slight_smile:


@Davide, really? Wow! Guides, website, software, marketing, hosting, everything? @lubos my respect :smile:


Me too sometimes I am so critical about some changes. But I love it so much.


Yes a big thanks to the team and @lubos :slight_smile:
Its simply amazing and the upgrades have helped us to better understand the accounting and we have developed and moulded our general accounting practices to good accounting practices according to the guides of manager and they are so helpful :slight_smile:

Some great features would make it even more amazing like POS (barcode scanning etc) and integration with e commerce platforms for updating prices and stocks automatically. :heart:

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Oh this is the BEST. Kudos to @lubos and the team. I’ve used QB & MYOB and this software beats them too much

The guides are really impressive. I have used many other software none of which is documented as thoroughly.

I would add the insane customizability.