Lost custom HTML themes after upgrading version

thanks i got it,

let us know if it is working for u.
also, the paste link expires in 4 weeks, so save the theme in your computer as well

yes sir it is working fine now thanks

same issue again

why u must have selected the wrong theme

make sure u give the theme a unique name
also read this

how can tax codes help in theme

@spandan888 please do not divert topics.

@himayun19 there is no easy way to achieve anything without making an effort. if you are using the custom theme you should follow the instructions already provided. else use the default plain theme available in Manager.

tax codes will help in reports
just use the tax codes which are given country wise and it will be easier than inputing ur own tax codes

ok, point taken.

thanks all i will try to do that

@sharpdrivetek while I appreciate your custom theme, you can see the issues where users blindly copy & paste them from forum and expect them be to be supported.

What I suggest, let me improve Manager so custom theme is not required to meet legal requirements in India. People are still free to use custom theme but it should be clear they are to change presentation of invoices, not to meet legal requirements.

So as it stands now, what is currently missing in Manager that it cannot be used in India without custom theme?


These are the official Govt notifications.

Invoice Rules : http://www.cbec.gov.in/resources//htdocs-cbec/gst/invoice-gst-rules17052017.pdf

Accounts and Record Rules: http://www.cbec.gov.in/resources//htdocs-cbec/gst/11062017-accnt-record-rules.pdf

There also seems to be issue regarding Tax Transactions Report format, where Business Identifier of both the company’s and the concerned other party’s have been requested to be shown (in another topic).

also i think in the plain built-in theme the name of the owner’s business doesn’t look prominent

I understand your point.

After the recent updates which has helped meet most of the requirements, there are still few things that are still required by Indian users.

  1. Wrt to the presentation part the only requirement will be the,
    Availability of Shipped To field beside the Billing address field.
    If the delivery address is different, the users can use this field to enter the same. And if both billing and delivery address is same, the user can leave the Shipped To field blank and Manager should copy the billing address to this field automatically. I understand this can be achieved with custom fields, but the positioning of this should be beside the Billing address which at present needs customizing the theme.

  2. Now, requirements that are not related to presentation alone,

  • Under customers tab, a field called Place Of Supply, which in turn shows up along with the invoice details. custom field would need customization for positioning.
  • A customer may have a default delivery location like their warehouse which is different from their billing address. So a Shipped To field under the Customers tab will help. This same field can be linked to the Shipped To field in the invoice mentioned above.
  • the availability of business identifier under supplier. custom field would be a headache if the reports are improved in future updates.
  • showing the business identifier column under tax transactions report
  • ability to set the tax and calculate the same on reverse charged mechanism
  • better reporting of monthly sales and purchase. i had created a topic for the same.
    Monthly Reports for Filing Tax Returns
  • ability to set the default rounding of total

i am sure few of these requirements, like the reports and default rounding would be beneficial to most and not Indian users alone.

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U R Good Prepare the invoice,but add gst not show in authorized signatory

Hi, Thanks for all your support.

Is their built-in Invoice theme available for India with GST? If not, Do we have time line/release when we can expect.
Bcz of customization seeing lot of issues. Standard built in theme will be of great help.


read this guide https://guides.manager.io/10388

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