Logo position

I am using cloud version on Windows 11…

In the past months, my logo was located in the upper right corner (it was fine there). Now, for some reason, it moved to the middle and I don´t like how does it look. Is this some kind of bug due to upgrades on cloud version or how can I relocate to where it was? I am using plain theme.

This will help:

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Are you sure you are using the Plain theme? The problem you describe sounds like you are using a custom theme.

I am using plain theme but a little bit modified. You instructed me back on 2018 on how to achieve what I needed (see the link).

Since 2018 I haven´t done any changes on themes…
Here is a screenshot on how the coding looks. Can you indentify some issues?

So you are not, in fact using the Plain theme. You will have to modify your custom theme. Begin with the change outlined here. After that, you are on your own.

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Thank you @Ealfardan & @Tut. It worked.