Login Logo on Server Edition

@lubos I know it’s almost an undocumented function but I used to have a logo on the server edition login page by putting a file named logo.png in manager-server folder. With the last update this option has disappeared.

I’m certain it should still work.

Perhaps there is some permission problem to the file.

If logo.png is present, Manager will show the logo. If it’s not present, it will show text that will say Login. Do you see Login text on login screen?

Yes I see it. Everything is the same as before but when I upgraded the logo disappeared


What was the cause of the issue?

A problem of Docker which didn’t get the image from the external directory where the file was saved.

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I am sorry to getting back to this old post. I am a premium user. I have just purchase manager server edition, successfully installed and hosted it online. I want to show our logo/identity to login screen. I have uploaded an image name “logo” with PNG extension inside the application folder but the image did not showed up. Any thought? it a small thing but I think showing our logo in the login screen is better then just a plain one. Thanks

Searching the forum you could have found a far more recent post here

Hi Mark may thanks for the links