Lock date field to previous year / Batch processing


For ppl doing up prior year books, it would be helpful if we could lock the dates for that year for faster data entry. Date field always reverts to current year date presently.

For faster data entry of prior year sales/purchases etc if we can hv batch mode, it would be very useful. Something like excel,where we change the dates and amount alone in rows for quick data entry.

Just switched over and find the program very user friendly.

Hope u can look into it in future updates.


You can use the Batch Update function. If I don’t remember wrong the is also a new function under development to find and recode in every Tab.

This would do you no good. Manager does not accept the year separately from month and day. For each transaction, you must enter a complete date.

You already have Batch Create. See https://www.manager.io/guides/9572. During the spreadsheet phase of a batch operation, you have all features available in your spreadsheet application.

Tqvm. Appreciate your quick response. Will try.


Remember to do always a backup before you use Batch Create and Update

OK. Noted. Tqvm.