Location of database file for server edition


Where is the Database file storage location for Server Edition ?

if you have not changed the application data path, the default folder will be


I copied the database file from this location. It is just 28KB.

Saved it to a new PC and installed Manager server edition.
Did not work.

either you have set a different application data folder or you have copied some audit trail files.
read the below guide to understand the contents of the application data folder.

also, why do you have to copy the application data folder? you can create a backup of your business from within Manager program itself and then import it on the new PC.
read below guide on backup and import of business files.


I have raised this question so that I don’t have to take manual back every day.

How do I automate this ?

In other accounting software, the database folder is clearly specified. Here, there is not database folder.

Please help me.

My hard drive crashed yesterday and I have lost all my accounting information.

if you are the administrator you would know if you had set any application data path.
if you had not set anything manually, then the default application data is what i have mentioned in my earlier post.

this information is available on the DOS window which appears when you run Manager Server program.

you can refer the below topic.


This is the only file I see here : 00000000000000000000000000000000.manager and it is 28kB file only.

I copied this same file to the same location but nothing was recovered.

the 00000 file acts like an index file for all the business listed in Manager program and it is not your business data file. i already attached the relevant guide in my earlier post and now i am sure you have not read it.

if you have not performed a hard disk recovery i recommend you do that first.
i hope you did not format your drive because if you have then i am sorry to say there is no way to recover your accounting files. but it looks like you have, else the files would have still been there.

anyway perform a search for files with .manager extension and post a screenshot of the files that comes up.

Please help me find the database file.

I guess I am unable to follow your instructions.

I am attaching the DOS print screen snap shot.

Please guide me step by step to find the database files or let me know the extension, I will do a windows search.

please answer few questions first.

  1. did you reinstall your OS?
  2. did you format C drive when reinstalling OS?
  3. did you ever take a backup of your business file? if yes then where did you store the backup?
  4. did you open your file explorer and search for files with .manager extension? if yes post screenshot of the search result.

please try to login on the website to post replies and not by mail. you are not following most of the replies since you are on your email.

Thank you for your help and time.

These are too many questions for me to reply for just 1 simple query. Where is the path to the DATABASE FILES ? Where are my database files stored ?

I am not an IT administrator. Have purchase this package to save time on administrative issues but now I am finding this difficult.

C:\ Users\ (username) \AppData \ Local \Manager is where files are stored.
if you dont have anything useful there, you have to search for “.manager” on your windows Explorer for existing backups.(if you made any)
if you have a backup from a old version of Manager and recieve errors while importing to the latest version of Manager, you have to follow certain procedures.


This is not the location of the database file. Can Lubos help please ?

no one on the forum except you know how you had configured your computer or what you have done.
finding your business data file is something only you can do. no one on the forum or developer can help you with that.
all the necessary details you need to find your business data file have already been provided.

how can i change location database ?

It’s all explained in the guides. Search for data.

BTW, you’re posting in a 5 year old thread.