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I understand it. But since I’m not a Manager developer and I am doing it in my little spare time (and I really want to do it!) I would like to see the whole picture before doing the job many times maybe with a possible abortion of the project like we have seen before.

Just to clarify how it works in Italy with IVA, ie Italian VAT.

Basically we have only five codes:

  • 22%, ie full charge which has changed during years (it was 18, than 20, than 21)
  • 10%
  • 5%
  • 4%
  • 0%

0% is divided mainly between out of VAT application and real 0% tax. But then you have to choose from many group and subgroup that should be shown in the e-invoices… so they are compulsory.

Than for all of them you have reverse charge, so it is a complete permutation of the previous codes.

Than for some of the 0% IVA you have a fixed amount tax (stamp duty).

Than again, IVA codes are used to determine different taxable bases on which apply different taxes.

I would like to work on Iraq could please add it? Iraq has multiple languages, Arabic and Kurdish. Can we have the option for 2 languages under Iraq?

Hi Lubos.

Please add Kenya on the list. I would like to work on customizations i.e recommended chart of accounts, VAT rates, and Payroll items etc.

Thanks in advance.

I want to work with KUWAIT. Please may you kindly add it.

Not all countries are available
I wish to provide you with Egypt

@alwakeel, your request was moved to this topic. It was not related to the topic where you posted it. Please do not divert topics with unrelated issues.

@alwakeel Egypt is Available In the localization server. You can work on that

Appears to have been done see Kuwait localisation

@lubos please force update the localizations server whenever a new version is released. it is still stuck on 21.11.54

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