Localizations - New way to contribute

I understand it. But since I’m not a Manager developer and I am doing it in my little spare time (and I really want to do it!) I would like to see the whole picture before doing the job many times maybe with a possible abortion of the project like we have seen before.

Just to clarify how it works in Italy with IVA, ie Italian VAT.

Basically we have only five codes:

  • 22%, ie full charge which has changed during years (it was 18, than 20, than 21)
  • 10%
  • 5%
  • 4%
  • 0%

0% is divided mainly between out of VAT application and real 0% tax. But then you have to choose from many group and subgroup that should be shown in the e-invoices… so they are compulsory.

Than for all of them you have reverse charge, so it is a complete permutation of the previous codes.

Than for some of the 0% IVA you have a fixed amount tax (stamp duty).

Than again, IVA codes are used to determine different taxable bases on which apply different taxes.

I would like to work on Iraq could please add it? Iraq has multiple languages, Arabic and Kurdish. Can we have the option for 2 languages under Iraq?

Hi Lubos.

Please add Kenya on the list. I would like to work on customizations i.e recommended chart of accounts, VAT rates, and Payroll items etc.

Thanks in advance.

I want to work with KUWAIT. Please may you kindly add it.

Not all countries are available
I wish to provide you with Egypt

@alwakeel, your request was moved to this topic. It was not related to the topic where you posted it. Please do not divert topics with unrelated issues.

@alwakeel Egypt is Available In the localization server. You can work on that

Appears to have been done see Kuwait localisation

@lubos please force update the localizations server whenever a new version is released. it is still stuck on 21.11.54

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Please add Namibia?

Can you add Iceland ?

@lubos, do accounting keys in chart of accounts affect the use of Report transformations when applied to an already established business which has maybe other names or numbers for accounting keys ?

I have set up a localized VAT report for my country but can’t seem to figure out how to split between VAT from puchases versus VAT from sales when it comes to inventory items. This type of split is needed for the formal localized VAT report. As inventory items can only be assigned one automatic VAT code is there maybe some workaround I am missing ?
EDIT: I prefer not to manually select Tax code when inventory items are purchased or sold.

VAT bi

@lubos Kindly add Sri Lanka as well.

@lubos Could you please add Belgium to the list of countries (Dutch)? Thanks!

From what I understand is that Belgium has three official and legal languages, which also requires each legislation to be in these languages. Only to ask for Flemish (Dutch variant) and not including French and German may not be appropriate.

I understand why Manager tried to group the localisations based on languages but some countries like Belgium have more than 1 official language see List of multilingual countries and regions - Wikipedia

I would have preferred just to use a country list and where more than 1 language is needed to add these localisations. Either way the argument here is that Belgium needs more versions.

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May you kindly add Zimbabwe to the list.

First tranche of Italian localization, ie all tax codes, has been added.

Hi @lobos, can you please add Tanzania? Will contribute to the localizing of it, thanks.

Hi @lubos kindly add Tanzania