Adding Country on Business Details

May you please add Zimbabwe on the ‘Country’ field on: Settings-Business details-Edit. It’s not appearing on the drop-down list. Thank you

Hello @BrianT
Request Localization for Zimbabwe Here.
Do not create a new topic for this.
Set the country to automatic and create tax codes , reports as per the local law.

Those entries are created by the community. If you want Zimbabwe to appear there you will probably have to create the localisation yourself.

To do so

  1. Request Zimbabwe localisation is add by posting in this thread Localizations - New way to contribute that should result in a blank entry for Zimbabwe.

  2. Login to the localisation for Zimbabwe to customise it for local requirements. To see what is possible create some test business an set the country to a localisation which has had significant work done on it, see Localizations | Manager

  3. When your changes to the Zimbabwe localisation have been approved, they will be available to you and all other Zimbabwe users in the menu you initially referenced.


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This topic is about Zimbabwe. Your diversion will probably be ignored.

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