@lubos, just installed latest version 21.11.0.
clicking Add Business → Create New Business → Country pulldown menu
doesn t offer yet Germany.
How does it work ?

I just need to double-check a few things.

These account codes:


Where they are coming from? Is this some kind of standard?

With tax codes

Some of these tax codes do not have any transactions. Can we have realistic sample transaction for every tax code?

Also, there are quite a few custom fields in localization which do not appear to be country-specific but rather generic nature. For example


These need to be deleted. Only custom fields which are country-specific and the purpose is that content of these custom fields must either show on printed document by some standard or they are used in report transformation.

Other than that. I think it looks pretty good. Report transformation looks good too.

I did some modifikation to the template and reviewed the Tax Codes

Account Codes come from a German Standard COA SKR04
This COA is structured according to the structure of a balance sheet.

you may download the document in English language here :

@WZM when you think the report transformation is ready for release, just check Published on report transformation. This will make it seen under Reports tab and it’s also signal for merging script to make it generally available.


hallo lubos,
I finished the basic report transformation with setting up the report categories on the weekend
after some foreward and backward testing. all values compare ok with the values of the
tax summary under Reports → Tax Codes. Found the Reverse Sign button today !

right now, there is one more thing to make it compliant:
Taxable Base Amounts should show in full EUR only. An additional ( Script ) Button
in the Pulldown menu could solve this issue.

EU Companies doing business inside the EU have to supply a Report called EC Sales List
every month or quarterly, that need to show VAT-Id, Type of Service ( L,S,D ) and Value.
By now, can not see to do using the Report Transformation function.

I prepared a Custom Report for this to filter out the required information, but it was erased.
Did also require Custom Fields in Customers Data

Custom Report:

This is the result:

This list can be converted with copy to clipboard into a CSV File and hopefully uploaded one day to the Tax Authority.

the biggest challenge will be: how can one upload the Report Transformation Form to the Tax Authorities.
Try to get more information about the requirements needed in an accounting software.

If it can not be done automatically, every business can submit the data using an online form

I’ve added new pseudo reporting category called Round down


When it’s selected in the cell, it will round down your figure so it can be presented as whole number without decimals.

Is this list of all invoices or just totals per customer? Looks like list of all invoices based on the custom report defition.

This can be done using Script field on report transformation but let’s not worry about that until we have working reports.

It needs to be totals per customer rounded down to whole numbers for the 3 different types of service

L = Goods Supply
S = Other non-taxable services
D = intra-community triangular transaction

Does this mean each customer can repeat up to 3 times (one per each type of service) on the report?

Manager’s localisations can not do arithmetic on interim values. As a result it can not add up the rounded totals for each customer. So you have a choice:

  1. Accept unrounded values and near enough is good enough for an accounting program

  2. Add Managers rounding and accept some times right some times wrong is good enough for an accounting program.

In my opinion neither is great but option 1. is better than option 2.

Yes !

This is what I got with the custom report work around

@WZM could you create those custom fields which are required on localization server?

Done !

Current Result see: Custom Reports → ZM Zusammenfassende Meldung ( EC Sales List Report )

What if sales invoice contains multiple service types? I’m not sure it’s correct to set service type on invoice level for that reason.

the only case I can think of for multiple service types
on one invoice might be a service job in another EU
country with the supply of spare parts needed for
the repair of whatever item.
tried to get something useful by adding a Line Custom Field
as a column and using L and S for the according Types.
Could not find a Line Custom Field for a Custom Report setup.

The only useful workaround I found so far is what I showed
already above

Did additional research, but all help I found, explained
how to create an invoice for goods supply and how to create
invoices for other services, but no combination of both.

to have it the simple way, I would suggest to create two
separate invoices, one for Goods Supply and one for other
services with all additional required information to be
shown and printed on documents.

having these two custom fields ( VAT-Id and Type of Service )
will also help with the creation of account forms for income
accounts which are not availabe when creating invoices for
inventory sales. Inventory sales will automatically be posted
to the standard income sales account.

Custom Report for Account Form:

Account Form:


for example, EU and Third Country Goods supply use other
accounts than domestic sales.

the currently offered German Localisation does not claim to
be complete, but offers a basic setup to start.
More Accounts, tax codes, report categories, report transformations
required for other types of businesses can be added by users

@WZM can we complete Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldung first before diving into this second report?

Is Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldung finished now? If it is, it should be marked as Published on localization server.

Since it has the basics and all results read ok, it has been marked as published

added to " Report Transformation -->> Steuerpflichtige Umsätze "

zum Steuersatz von 7 % ( MwSt 7% / Kennzahl 86 )

added to " Report Transformation -->> Steuerpflichtige innergemeinschaftliche Erwerbe"

zum Steuersatz von 7 % ( KZ 93 / 61 USt aus EG Erwerb KZ 93 / Abziehbare VSt aus EG Erwerb KZ 61 )